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 Even if you take excellent care of your teeth and gums at home, it is still imperative to see a dentist regularly. Dr. Mamta Desai can check for problems that you may not see or feel.

​How Often Should You Visit The Dentist For a Check-Up?

The standard recommendation is to visit twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. This frequency level works well for most people. Patients with implants, crowns and some people with gum disease, a genetic predisposition for plaque build-up or cavities, or a weakened immune system might need to visit the dentist more frequently for optimal care.

Important reasons for Twice-Yearly Visits: To allow your dentist to check for problems that you might not see or feel including early signs of decay. To treat any other oral health problems found (Generally, the earlier a problem is found, the more manageable it is.)

​What Happens At The Typical Check-Up Appointment?
​Cleaning – Although home-based tooth brushing and flossing help remove plaque, only a professional cleaning – provided by the dentist or dental hygienist – can thoroughly clean your teeth and remove the hardened plaque (called calculus or tartar) that builds up on teeth.

Polishing – After your teeth have been cleaned, they are polished to remove plaque and stains on the tooth surface. The polish contains an abrasive substance and fluoride, and is applied using a small rotating rubber cup or brush attached to the dental hand piece.

Prevention – The dentist might offer additional instructions for you to follow at home based on the results of your exam. Don’t hesitate to ask us for instructions about brushing, flossing or general care questions about your teeth and gums.
Treatment recommendations – If any oral health problems are identified during your examination, the dentist will make recommendations for the best next steps. These might include referral to another oral health care specialist, additional diagnostic tests, or advice to return for restoration work or additional oral health care.

​THE INTRA-ORAL CAMERA: With a small camera shaped like a pen, it puts a live shot of your teeth and gums on a screen. This allows you to view your mouth exactly as the doctor sees it!

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